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Remote Support Software

We provide remote support to our end-users and/or customers remotely. Below is a form that will allow us access to your computer through the web. You need only internet access and a computer working in enough capacity to enable software (the client for pc remote control) to run and connect to our system so we could provide you with remote support. The remote support software will not install permanently on your system and once the session is ended the software will unload from memory or will just not start up when the computer is restarted. you could also close the program by right clicking on the icon you'll see on the task-bar tray area and simple choose close from the menu.

This is an affordable method for providing remote support to clients. This software package is much less expensive than some of the other name brand remote control support programs. Some of the more expensive products for remote support are used by larger corporations but they have big budgets to afford it and simply put, it the more expensive brands don't do much more if it's basic remote control and file transfer that's required to remotely support end-users and customers like you through the web. We are able to keep our costs download not have to charge you more per service call because we use such software. The bid companies like  Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM provide computer support but their costs for it are much higher and so the cost is pushed out to you the consumer. 

Remote Support

Remote support software is one the best ways we've found to access your computer quickly to bring you our service at an affordable and reasonable price. We get  pc remote access and control of your system only when you need help or assistance. The software doesn't install in such a way that when you are not at your computer we can access it. This is an invasion of your privacy and trust in us. Below is a form that when the right code is entered software for computer remote control will download to your system and run. Once run,. it will connect you computer to ours so we will have remote control of it then we will be abler to help you with your problem without you even having to wait for us to knock at your door. This is fast and reliable and when we are done you sill be much happier with our service because we were able to address your computer desktop problem faster and with your satisfaction in mind.



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